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Tailored to your taste

You (love) wine, but do you know what wine you like? Our super-clever algorithm developed by food scientists makes it easy for you to find out!

No wine terminology or even wine knowledge is needed. Just answer 8 simple questions based on flavour and texture and Pingza will recommend the kind of wine you will enjoy. Simple.

Wines for all ocassions

In the supermarket looking at a wall of bottles or relaxing at home with a takeaway? Going to a 40th birthday party? Cooking a lasagne at home? Grabbing roast chicken at Cafe Rouge?

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are eating, our smart filters will help recommend the perfect wine for any occasion.

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Learn, be adventurous

What if you want to learn more about wine in an easy way? Our Pingza Professionals are here to help!

Sam is a Master of Wine, one of only 386 in the world. Tom works for several leading wine companies, and loves to bring the complex world of wine to the public with a non-nonsense approach and a bit of banter.

Choose from our large library of videos and articles. Don’t worry about information overload! We keep our videos 1-2 min long, so you get the important information, and no more.

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