Occasion: Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! In this video, Tom from Pingza explores the perfect wine pairings for your favourite Chinese foods.

Occasion: Bad Week

In this video,SamfromPingzagives you a few tips on how to give yourself a little TLC in a glass after abad week.

Occasion: BBQ

In this video,TomfromPingzagives you a few tips on which wines to serve at yourBBQ.

Occasion: Dinner Party

TomfromPingzatalks about what kind of wine you should take to aDinner Party.

Occasion: Good Week

You've had a good week! Now treat yourself!TomfromPingzatalks about just how you should reward yourself after agood week.

Occasion: Simple Supper

TomfromPingzatalks about what you should pair with asimple supper.

Occasion: TV Sporting Event

TomfromPingzatalks about what you should drink during atelevised sports event!

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