Bordeaux... 6 Things To Know {pro/ bored-oh}

Burgundy... 6 Things To Know {pro/ burr-gun-dee}

It is still possible to find affordable wine in this region, which produces some of the world’s ultimate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Australia... 6 Things To Know

It is best known for Shiraz but there’s an amazing diversity of wine in Australia.

England… 6 Things To Know

It’s official. Grapes now ripen in England and the sparkling wine emerging is of brilliant quality.

Champagne… 6 Things To Know {pro/ cham-pain}

Marlborough... 6 Things To Know {pro/ marl-bor-aah}

Explore the heartland of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - where scenes from The Hobbit were filmed!

France... 6 Things To Know

Rioja... 6 Things To Know {pro/ ree-ock-aah}

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